Regulatory reform, but not as you know it

The ALRC’s financial regulation review won’t follow the normal template, lawyers say, as the focus will be more on structure than policy. This may mean a swing back towards more prescriptive regulation for advisers, but don’t hold your breath for a quick result.

ASIC tells fundies to be ‘true to label’

ASIC has cracked the whip on misleading fund managers after surveying 37 funds with a total of $21 billion under management. Being true-to-label is a "must have", not a "nice to have", said deputy chair Karen Chester.

‘Vanilla’ AFSL prices surge as advisers disperse

Empty AFSL’s with no client books have gone from having virtually no value to being sold for an average of $70,000, with ex-institutional advisers clamouring for an independent ticket yet reluctant to wait on ASIC to approve a new license.

Hooked on investing as a teen: Kellie Davidson

After her father got her interested in the stock market, Kellie Davidson started gravitating towards investing before deciding to "make a difference" in financial planning. As one of the nation's leading advisers, she's keen to pay it forward with pro-bono and charitable work.
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“Here we go again, more unnecessary regulation. Claims advocacy does not necessarily need to be done by a financial adviser when no financial advice as a result of the claim process is required.”

Chris Todd

Chris Todd Financial Services in Mount Barker, SA

Exam pass rate slips to 79 pc

25 May 2020

“It’s very simple. Either intrafund advisers must seek signed bi-ennial (or annual) opt-in fee notices from fund members to receive their salaries (& bonuses) OR the alternative is to remove opt-ins for all retail advisers, once informed consent to charge a set ongoing fee has been put in place with the client. ”

Steve Blizard

Roxburgh Securities in Guildford, WA

Industry funds’ advice plans have not progressed

29 May 2020

“I think the FPA is on the money here. This is an essential move for financial planning to become a legally recognised profession under professional standards legislation.”

Tom Reddacliff

Encore Advisory Group in Sydney, NSW

Code monitoring to be superseded by bigger plan

3 June 2020

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Institutions absent in Licensee of the Year award

GPS Wealth and Affinia were the big winners at this years' awards, while no award was given for the Institutionally Branded Licensee of the Year due to "an insufficient number of qualifying licensees".

Advice demand doubles in 5 years

Latest studies reveal that the need for advice has surged in the last few years, while existing clients are clamouring for engagement from their financial advisers.

Clitheroe flags advice gap

Consumer finance expert Paul Clitheroe, FPA chair Marisa Broome and CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland highlighted the importance of financial planning and lamented cost burdens that kept ordinary Australians out of the advice system.
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Advice on the brink of standardised growth/defensive metrics

Work is underway - at last - to standardise the way growth and defensive assets are classified. The hope is that this will not only provide more certainty around portfolio construction, says David Bell, but enhance the way we define, measure and communicate risk.

Ray Dalio laments: ‘We’re at each others’ throats’

Despite the benefits of globalisation and capitalism, wealth inequality has created conflicts that can only be addressed with bipartisan policy and a focus on the common good, according to the high-profile hedge fund manager and philanthropist.

Aussies more realistic about returns: Schroders

While Australians are more conservative in their investment outlook, Schroders CEO Chris Durack says they still might be in for disappointment. Spare a thought for investors in the Americas, who expect a total return of 13.1 per cent per annum over the next five years.
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Harry Baker, the professional year pioneer

As the first to make it through FASEA’s 1600-hour training mandate for new advisers, Harry Baker represents a glimmer of hope for an industry that is desperate to attract a new generation of participants.

Remember that thing called the Code of Ethics?

The industry must be fully on board with the clear intentions of the code. Instead of complaining about its 'uncertainties', practitioners should recognise that it is deliberately not a technically prescriptive compliance-style laundry list, Robert MC Brown writes.

Industry lags on pitching advice as a career

While the education mandate and professional year have added much-needed structure to the path for prospective advisers, the industry hasn’t quite figured out it’s pitch to the next generation yet.
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