Crisis spawns a pro-bono advice experiment

A move to trade licensee fees for pro-bono advice by IOOF could result in advisers engaging a portion of the population that may not have otherwise used a financial adviser.
Risk & Insurance

Claims advocacy ripe for regulatory reform

It’s arguably the most important service an insurance adviser provides, yet there is no regulation around the provision of claims advocacy and it is rarely written into advice contracts.

IOOF likes ‘balance’ in licensee models

The IOOF advice chief explains why the second biggest licensee owner in the country is quite happy to run three very different but equally important models for their cohort of brands.

FASEA’s Code of Ethics a boon to AFCA

While the complaints authority has their own markers and a fairness mandate to guide mediation, having a firm Code of Ethics provides “a lot more clarity” according to the Ombudsman for advice and investments, Shail Singh.
Top Comments

“Commission based sales practices undermine the credibility of an industry that needs significant reform. To argue against such basic reform is an argument against open transparent and trustworthy behaviour and places the interest of industry participants ahead of clients.”

Chris Harris

Exelsuper in Adelaide, SA

Brokers worried best interests duty will drive low-quality loans

13 March 2020

“I can't believe that the solution is a “very small percentage of the fees charged by funds managers". We just spent years getting rid of product-based commissions and now you want to reintroduce them?”

Chris Craggs

Argurion in Perth, WA

Statutory fund for advice within reach: Longstaff

6 March 2020

“Taking away people’s ability to choose how they pay for the service they want and adding prescriptive rules that don't allow for clients’ health issues, travel plans etc isn't going to benefit the client. It is just adding extra administration.”

Leanne Bull

Bull Financial in Bundaberg, QLD

Time to rethink the ongoing fee model

5 March 2020

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Last brand standing: NAB’s new licensee

TenFifty will replace Apogee, Garvan and Meritum brands, taking its place alongside Godfrey Pembroke as the only remaining big-four bank owned dealer group brands in the country.

Advisers supporting each other through pandemic

Research reveals colleagues, industry peers and licensees have been pillars of support for advisers during the pandemic, while industry associations and software providers have lagged.

Six mid-tier licensees surge, others falter

Licensees just outside the top ten largely lost ground in line with the rest of the industry this year, while some spectacular falls were matched by half a dozen significant success stories.
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Dividend cull sparks retirement income rethink

With the sanctity of franking credits and now bank dividends under threat, there are no sacred cows for retirees anymore. Some old and some new ways to generate income are emerging, and advisers are being called upon to assess them.

Mayfair swerves court ruling with new ‘wholesale’ offer

With payments suspended and a host of advertising restrictions over their heads, Mayfair 101 has carefully worded the launch of a new product targeted at ‘qualified’ investors.

Liquidity a ‘furphy’ that clouds bigger issue

Ahead of an expected surge in hardship provision claims, Frontier Advisors' Andrew Polson said the real issue for superannuation was its lack of purpose.
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Exam pass rate slips to 79 pc

Shortly after the government removed a stumbling block to the FASEA exam extension, the authority released figures showing more than 20 per cent of advisers failed the most recent round of testing.

LIC ban paves way for FASEA extensions

The Morrison Government has announced it will extend the ban on conflicted remuneration to LICs, a move that's likely to open the door for FASEA time frame extensions to be considered by the Senate.

Limited licence advisers pushed out by standards

The effect of having financial planning education mandates imposed on specialists like accountants operating under a limited license is becoming clear, with a stunning reversal for the fastest growing licensee cohorts from last year.
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June 2, 2020

Licensee Summit

SUITABLE FOR: Licensee and dealer group heads.
The annual Licensee Summit is recognised as the key event for the leaders of financial planning dealer groups and licensees to meet and engage with peers and colleagues to discuss the issues that underpin great businesses and the delivery of great advice.
August 4, 2020

Best Practice Forum

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The Professional Planner | Financial Planning Association Best Practice Forum taps into the experience and insights of practice owners, principals, consultants and other industry participants to deliver leading-edge thinking on financial planning best practice.
December 2, 2020

Researcher Roundtable

SUITABLE FOR: Heads of dealer group and licensee research businesses, senior executives of independent research firms, and senior professionals involved in researching investment products for inclusion in model portfolios and implemented consulting.
The event designed specifically for senior research professionals. The forum focuses on issues related to the generation and delivery of research and research-related materials to clients.