Sunday, February 26, 2017
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New Life Insurance Framework will test advisers

The Life Insurance Framework will be a gamechanger for all stakeholders. Rice Warner's Kristiaan Gumley takes a look at how we got here to help predict what the new rules will mean for you.

Once an industry saviour, still its friend

As SMSF Association chief executive, Andrea Slattery helped the sector survive and grow into a thriving industry. She advocates for it even as she departs. Simon Hoyle writes.

SMSFA conference puts focus on trust and technicalities

The SMSF Association National Conference 2017 covered technical strategy and keeping clients’ confidence. Max Newnham writes that he’s just getting started sharing what he learned.

Don’t leave! Stop clients from walking, or at least learn trying

Planners must know how to respond when clients want to opt out of the relationship. If you can't convince them to stay, you can learn from their departure. Alexandra Cain writes.

The gravest dangers yet for SMSFs lie ahead

The sector has been counted out before and survived but the risks of harm and scandal the ageing of the SMSF trustee cohort poses may be the biggest test yet. Robert M.C. Brown writes.

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