Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Government forges ahead with super ombudsman

Credit Ombudsman Raj Venga has lashed the government for pushing ahead with plans to close down three external dispute resolution bodies before the relevant legislation has passed.

Certification mark for financial planners a first in the field

The new Certainty Advice mark will be based on an early version, which was later watered down, of a standard that was drawn up to ban all forms of conflicted remuneration.

FPA reveals Congress line up

The FPA has announced a line up of international thought leaders for its National Congress, which will take place in Hobart in November.

Reflection: A matter of building trust

Financial Planning Week needs to do more to build the public’s trust rather than simply make financial planners feel good about themselves

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Unpacking the new Life Insurance Code

Planners who advise on life insurance products need to familiarise themselves with the new code of practice sooner rather than later, writes Dr June Smith.

CSR: An acronym worth knowing

One of the better by-products of social media, is the fact that corporate social responsibility, or CSR, has become more significant.

Small super changes to chat to clients about

A comfortable retirement remains out of reach for many ordinary Australians, but change always starts with small steps according to Moneysoft’s Jon Shaw.

A closer look at managed accounts

Managed accounts offer many benefits. In the first of a two-part series, Innova’s Dan Miles shows why and compares in-sourced versus outsourced investment management.

The mistake planners make with marketing

There’s a misconception among some business owners that a series of advertisements, Facebook posts or videos represents a marketing strategy.

What’s so special about what you do?

Your business needs something to make it stand out. A unique methodology can be just the thing – just ask McDonald’s and KFC.
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