Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Kerr Neilson and Platinum are gifted at giving back

The path to professionalisation means different things to different people. For Platinum’s Kerr Neilson, it’s about philanthropy that helps prepare the next generation.

Facilitate more services for life after commissions

Financial planners must redefine how they sell themselves if they want to survive. That means becoming the means through which clients access myriad professional services.

From ‘client’ as a boy to adviser as an adult

For Trent Rose, a childhood trip to the bank with his father helped spark an interest that turned into a career.

Win with eDMs: Know your audience and target well

Electronic direct mail has made engaging with clients easier for small businesses; proper use of automation, big data and calls to action will lead to success.

It’s in your interest to join a real professional association

Professional associations serve the public interest, not their members. Planners and groups that don’t understand this don’t serve anyone particularly well.

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