Monday, May 1, 2017
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Men need to change to close the gender wealth gap: Burgess

Former Future Fund chief Mark Burgess reckons male bosses need to change their thinking to promote more women and close the gender pay gap.

Super still failing SMEs, ombudsman tells Summit

Sector ombudsman Kate Carnell says the system is too inflexible for small-business owners, who often can top up their super only with lump sums after the sale of their business.

Reflection: True leadership unites disparate perspectives

Opinions on what's good for the financial planning industry are like varieties of French cheese – there are so many. True leaders will bring those voices together for prosperity.

Capital gains tax changes require asset-by-asset approach

The new way of calculating capital gains tax relief requires considering the options for each client and asset individually. Time is running out to get it sorted before June 30.

The right conversations can close the gender gap

Improving the financial security of all women lies in how we talk to women and what we talk about. Moving the dial requires action in three areas.

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