Friday, July 21, 2017
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Second round of Professional Planner | Zenith finalists released

Finalists in eight more categories have been announced for the 2017 Professional Planner | Zenith Fund Awards. Winners will be named in Sydney on October 6.

Reflection: Individual licensing starting to resonate

Professional Planner’s suggestion that financial planning would be better served if planners were accredited as individuals is starting to catch on.

Clients care about outcomes, not who’s ‘institutionally owned'

The recent ASIC ruling and ensuing debate about use of the terms ‘institutionally owned’, ‘non-aligned’ and ‘vertically integrated’ wrongly take the focus off what clients want.

On the edge of professionalisation: It’s time to make the leap

It's time for advisers to move forward in a way that works for them and also delivers optimal client outcomes, Koda Capital's Paul Heath writes.

Professional Planner | Zenith Fund Awards finalists revealed

The first tranche of finalists for the 2017 Professional Planner | Zenith Fund Awards have been announced. Winners will be revealed in Sydney on Friday, October 6.

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Big data finally reveals how retirees really live

The industry needs quality data and analysis to help clients plan for retirement. Milliman's Wade Matterson proposes a solution.

The truth about death and reversionary pensions

The new transfer balance cap will require trustees to take care in making decisions about how to handle benefits for members who die while receiving an account-based pension.

Good benchmarks, bad benchmarks and how to choose the right one

Benchmarking is essential in investing but its value depends on planning it wisely. Here are some things to keep in mind for a benchmark that accurately measures success.

Focused on protecting clients in a crisis

Limiting exposure to debt, cutting reliance on property and buying overseas assets are among the steps David Alder has taken to lessen the impact of another GFC on his clients.

Now is not the time to hedge against most currency exposures

Currency diversification remains one of the easier ways for investors to diversify their portfolios reliably in the event of a serious downturn.

Business changes rapidly; your marketing strategy must keep pace

Whether you’re a financial planner or a sales and marketing consultant, the ability to adapt to the marketplace is crucial to your success. Easier said than done.
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