Sunday, September 23, 2018
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BT denies claim its platform fees don’t stack up

The provider has hit back at a Bell Potter study that states the pricing on its flagship Panorama platform suite is more expensive than headlines suggest.

Where to now for the life insurance industry

It is going to be more important than ever for life cover to be sold by advisers who have a deep understanding of why people might need it, writes Andrew Main.

Small firms big targets of cyberattacks

Hackers are going after smaller advice firms, one expert has warned. Until the industry benchmarks security standards, he says, the rich pickings will continue for cyber criminals.

NAB nixes ‘wealth’ in leadership shuffle

Changes to the bank’s executive team lead to abandonment of the term ‘wealth management’, amid reputational damage control.

CFPs wait nervously for FASEA ruling

FASEA signed a memorandum of understanding with TEQSA in April and has held discussions about recognition of qualifications but the fate of the FPA’s CFP program is unknown.

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