Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Tech boom, plus ETFs, spells trouble, as bubble feeds bubble

Index trackers are heavily concentrated within a handful of technology shares, leading to widespread exposure to regulatory risk and other dangers. Opportunity knocks.

Bidder's remorse? Poppykosh!

You don't have to be lucky to win in Sydney's booming property market. If you like champagne, an impulsive streak will do the job nicely.   

Revelations, regulation and sullied reputations

As the details of misdeeds at the big end of town flood out of the inquiry, the industry’s many upstanding advisers are seeing their hard-earned stature swept away.

Use your privilege to manage, and shape, change

Advisers are obviously in a position to help clients adjust to new policies but they can also play a role in shaping the incoming laws.

Self-licensing: ‘not too hard’

Damien Burns broke from the big banks and set out on his own, something he says the larger institutions don’t want people to know they have the means to do.

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Client comfort should come first

Michelle Veitch believes financial advice should be as pleasurable as visiting your favourite coffee shop, so she decided to create surroundings that reflect that.

When to pounce: Policy news creates buying points

New monetary policy information inevitably creates a reaction, but today’s solid fundamentals mean those dips can be opportunities for a steady hand.

Four steps to making good customer service a habit

The top advisers are delivering a winning client experience by excelling on four important fronts. Here’s how you can, too.

FASEA phonetics need their own FAQ

There is painful irony in the members of the industry not being able to agree on how to pronounce the standards board’s name.

Trust is more than just a virtue

That rapport between client and adviser doesn’t come about by magic. Research has explored the structures professionals must have in place to maintain effective relationships.

Stepping up with confidence

Amanda Jarosz says taking the paraplanner route to becoming an adviser has given her self-assurance and a good understanding of all areas of the business.
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