Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Academics accuse FASEA of talking out of school

The Financial Planning Academics Forum says the new standard-setting body has left universities confused by not consulting adequately before announcing new degree requirements.

Going on your own is all about trust

Matt Boxer left a large advice firm and started his own. He says placing that faith in himself put him in a position to be a financial planner his clients can believe in.

Feeling adventurous: businesses to focus on new revenue in 2018

Over the next 12 months, dealer groups' focus will switch from exploiting old revenue streams to exploring new ones, a CoreData survey has found.

Reflection: The disturbing question of licensing's legitimacy

Angelique McInnes and Abdullahi D. Ahmed raised issues about licensing before, but their latest work is much more harsh in its critique, calling the regime 'illegitimate'.

Pioneers of Financial Planning: Ray Griffin

Ray Griffin dreamed of being a racing cyclist. But as one of the first practitioners to join the FPA board, his career has been about getting professional standards up and running.

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Most clients say retirement advice suits their needs

Data shows most consumers seeking help with retirement ask about superannuation, relatively few want help with aged care, and nearly all feel they receive personalised advice.

One brand or sub-brands – which sells best?

Sub-brands can add to cost and complexity, but they can also allow you to target varied audiences more precisely. Here’s what to consider when deciding which strategy to choose.

Regtech helps advisers push back against the squeeze

Growing regulatory pressure, combined with increased client expectations, can put financial planners in a bind. Regulatory technology can create the space for a business to thrive.

The right CRM brings it all together

Effective customer relationship management efficiently brings together data from all over the business, into one source of truth that makes life easier for staff and clients.

Explain the gain: Tax education brings strategy to life

Learn how to communicate the intricate details of income tax, so people will see the value in your recommendations.

Popping the question: when and how to request referrals

Landing those much-desired word-of-mouth referrals involves good timing and not sounding desperate. Here are some tips to help you succeed.
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