ASIC sounds the alarm on bond scams

The corporate regulator has issued a warning to investors about imposter bond scams, revealing it has uncovered two such scammers pretending to be associated with well-known domestic and global financial services firms and offering high-yield bond investments in Australia and the UK.

The great reset: An industry emerges from crisis

Unprecedented quickly became the description de jure for what was happening all around between March and May this year as superannuation was drawn on, funds were tested and central banks through everything including the kitchen sink at the problem - Professional Planner reflects on the year that was.

Clients taking closer look at fund performance metrics

Investors across the spectrum are becoming more savvy about the different risk and return metrics that fund performance is measured by. Fundies need to make sure they have their performance analysis in order, especially if they want to show their idiosyncratic value to full effect.