There’s a reason advice isn’t cheap

Most professionals aren’t overly concerned about the affordability of their services yet the advice industry is obsessed with being more affordable. Quality advice is valuable and supply is constrained, so is it actually time to raise prices? Paul Barrett writes.

Drained advisers need their mojo back: Barrett

Despite the enduring value of advice, parts of the traditional proposition have become stale. Advisers need to continuously expand their capacity to not only survive and earn a profit but to keep things interesting and have some fun. Paul Barrett writes.

Time to think like entrepreneurs

Advisers need to start thinking and acting like entrepreneurs rather than dealer representatives by becoming customer-obsessed and swimming outside the flags from time-to-time, Paul Barrett writes.
On Practice

M&A is not a democratic state

Democracy may be alive and well in Joe Biden’s America but there’s no room for democratic principles like equality when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. Success requires a dominant home-base to take control, AZ NGA's Paul Barrett writes. 

M&A strategy: Don’t overpay for synergies

Buyers paying 2.5 times recurring revenue for a client book in 2020 are probably getting a raw deal, unless their EBIT margin is greater than 35 per cent. In part one of a three part series, Paul Barrett cautions buyers to get real about synergies benefits to avoid overpaying.