Australia has a world class accumulation superannuation system but with considerable imbalance across gender, employment type and education. Drawing from superannuation funds, professional advisors and consultants, this session will explore what can be done to promote education, adoption of good habits and sharing of knowledge so there is dignity in retirement for all Australians.

Speakers: Lara Bourguignon, managing director superannuation, retirement & platforms, AMP and Liz Hughes, financial adviser, Wealthspring Financial 
Moderator: Laurence Parker-Brown, institutional content producer, Conexus Financial
Length: 30 mins

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Question 1
* According to ASFA in 2019, an individual aged around 65 needs how much per year to have a modest lifestyle?
Question 2
* Liz Hughes, principal at WealthSpring Financial, reports which section of her client base are the least interested in knowing how their portfolio is faring during the crisis?
Question 3
* According to Liz, new platforms like Zoom are…?
Question 4
* How does Liz Hughes characterise Q1 in 2020?
Question 5
* How can people in the financial services industry make themselves understood in this crisis, according to AMP’s Lara Bourguignon?

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