Eyes firmly on the future

Professional Planner has pushed for change from the start. As the industry continues its transformation, PP will keep advancing the conversation. Thank you for making it possible.
Professional Standards

Defending Steve Tucker, one of the “good guys”

Several weeks before the “Kevin ’07” election, two colleagues and I were given the opportunity to host Kevin Rudd at a 12-person, four-hour boardroom dinner. I took up the opportunity with delight and went about inviting key industry stakeholders. I ended up with an eclectic group of influencers from all walks of life. It was […]
Professional Standards

Lead or get out of the way

Congratulations to the Financial Planning Association on turning 20 last month, celebrated by a five-city tour featuring technical workshops and recognition of the association’s best and brightest. More importantly, congratulations on the massive transformation the FPA board has achieved, and is in the process of continuing, for the association’s 10,000 members. To download a full […]