What does the ‘average’ retiree look like? What experiences does the ‘average’ retirement provide? What’s the ‘average’ return needed to fund an ‘average’ retirement? How long does the ‘average’ retiree live? What is the reality of planning for the average? This session discusses individualised retirement advice and the appropriate strategies.

View Jacqui Lennon’s slides here

Speaker: Jacqui Lennon, head of product and customer experience, Allianz Retire+
Facilitator: Matt Smith, director of retail content, Conexus Financial
Length: 31 mins, 4 seconds

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Question 1
* Beverley, an 85-year old Allianz Retire + client, has what retirement goal?
Question 2
* What is the preservation age for Australians born after 1 July 1964?
Question 3
* In 2017, what percentage of the 3.6 million retirees over 45 had made contributions to a superannuation scheme?
Question 4
* Jacqui Lennon from Allianz Retire+ compares the way that super funds aggregate client information to which tech company?
Question 5
* According to Jacqui Lennon, what is the real biological age of the average 55-year old Australian woman?

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