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Principals in Practice Podcast Series

Buying and selling your business – The essentials

The dislocation in advice has led to more businesses being sold in the last five years than ever. What do purveyors on either side of the equation need to be aware of? Hear from a practitioner who sold their business and M&A experts on what every business owner needs to do about being prepared for succession.

Sharon McClafferty: Working in the financial services sector since 2006, Sharon is a business builder, consultant, presenter, and CEO at Slipstream Group. Combining experience from Deloitte in London, Scandinavian Investment Banking and now a decade analysing the performance of Australian Accounting and Financial Planning firms, Sharon is a purposeful and goal-driven strategist.

Tim Lane: Tim is an accomplished chartered accountant and an expert business valuer in financial services businesses. Having started his career in dealer groups leading to head of mergers and acquisition roles, before returning to his public practice roots and becoming a partner at Accru Hobart.

Doug Turek: Doug was the managing director of family wealth advisory firm Professional Wealth and is now principal adviser and partner at Minchin Moore.

Chris Dastoor: Chris is the editor of Professional Planner and a Sydney-based financial services journalist with a focus on financial planning. He writes on advice, superannuation, investment, and risk insurance issues.

Take the QUIZ to earn your CPD points

Question 1
According to Tim, what has been the measurable decline in values for practices over the last 18 months?
Question 2
According to Sharon, recurring revenue is important in internal succession because?
Question 3
According to Doug, when did he start thinking about succession planning?
Question 4
According to Sharon, what is an advice practice's client value proposition (CVP) driven by?

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