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Principals in Practice Podcast Series

Advice and ESG: Investing with purpose and the reason we’re all here

Advisers have not only what you might call a micro responsibility to look after their clients best interests, but many believe a macro duty to steer or at least facilitate responsible, sustainable investment choices. However, what seems like a black and white issue is filled with challenges and grey areas to wade through.

Participants: BlackRock Australasia head of wealth Chantal Giles and Bell Partners Wealth Creation and Financial Advisory founder and principal adviser Brett Taggart

Facilitator: Tahn Sharpe

Length: 30min

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Question 1
According to Chantal from BlackRock, sustainable investing…
Question 2
What is Brett seeing in client awareness of ESG at a retail level?
Question 3
BlackRock noticed what in sustainable investing in 2020?
Question 4
Back in 1995 when Brett started, which fund manager had an ESG themed fund that one could invest in?

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