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Principals in Practice Podcast Series

Solving the advice technology puzzle

Advisers that can harness the benefits of advice technology are positioning themselves for sustainable growth, but the road to efficiency is paved with potholes. How can advice businesses future proof themselves by adopting the kind of technology that will work for their practice and their clients?

Participants: Peter Worn, director at Finura and Jason Poole, principal at GPA Financial Services

Facilitator: Tahn Sharpe, editor, Professional Planner

Length: 38min

Take the QUIZ to earn your CPD points

Question 1
* The majority of advisers see advice technology as what, according to Jason Poole?
Question 2
* What’s Jason’s perspective on the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” with regards to advice technology?
Question 3
* According to Pete, what has caused people to believe advice technology should improve in the same way technology has improved other aspects of their life?
Question 4
* “You will never need another system, this is 8 megabytes!” To what computer system is John referring to in his fatherly anecdote?

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