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Principals in Practice Podcast Series

Advice Marketing: Being seen through a clear lens

Marketing in financial advice is an area – like IT infrastructure and HR management – that is fundamental to practice management but not a core skill for advisers. For small practices, especially, a lack of marketing savvy can weaken the chance of growth. Underpinning this issue is the broad thematic of advice value, and the need for advisers to help their market understand what it is they do so well.

Participants: Sue Viskovic – Sue Viskovic is our Founder and Managing Director of Elixir Consulting. With over 20 years’ experience in financial services, with roles spanning banking, funds management, advice and licensee services, Sue has built her career and her business on helping financial advisers, accountants and risk specialists to improve the way that they run their businesses and deliver advice.

Adele Martin – Adele Martin is a multi-award winning Certified Financial Planner and the founder of The Savings Squad podcast & My Money Buddy. She’s Australia’s leading authority on financial advice for Gen X & Y having been featured in places like The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, Sky News and The Project.

Facilitator: Tahn Sharpe

Length: 32min

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Question 1
Sue says getting the marketing aspect right for advice businesses is important not just so that they can attract new clients, but so that…
Question 2
How do advisers rank in marketing themselves compared to other financial services professionals, according to Sue?
Question 3
What did Adele learn when she visited the Fincon event in the US?
Question 4
Why do advisers even care about marketing, according to Adele, when advice is in such high demand?

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