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Principals in Practice Podcast Series

Coming of age: What a professionalised advice industry means for business models

What does a professionalising industry mean for the shape of advice practices? Is mending the advice gap a pipe dream for an industry veering towards the top end of the consumer market, or can a mass market solution work?

Participants: Simon Hoyle, CoreData, and Paul Barrett, AZ NGA

Facilitator: Matthew Smith

Length: 35min

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Question 1
* According to CoreData’s Simon Hoyle, why do advice businesses models need to look different now compared to previously?
Question 2
It’s not a case of changing business models, AZ NGA’s Barret says. It’s a case of what?
Question 3
How does Barrett describe the experience of driving a product sales culture within an institution?
Question 4
Advice businesses can be small, medium or large, but to succeed they can’t be what according to Barrett?

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