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Principals in Practice Podcast Series

Switching the managed accounts tap on

Managed accounts present a clear value proposition for most advice practices, with the agility of its operations meaning trades can happen across the board and in an instant. So what’s it like for a firm going from wrap platforms to managed account platforms? What are the challenges, dangers and opportunities? Also, what’s the product landscape like, how do the big producers like Blackrock put model portfolios together and to what level does consultancy with advisers come into play?

Participants: Centaur Financial Services principal adviser Hugh Robertson and BlackRock client product strategy & consultant relations Eleanor Menniti

Facilitator: Tahn Sharpe

Length: 36min

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Question 1
Managed accounts is the next generation of what according to Menniti?
Question 2
It’s estimated that how many hours are being saved by advice firms that are adopting managed accounts?
Question 3
The majority of advisers really want what, according to Hugh Roberston?
Question 4
* It’s “absolutely undeniable” that managed accounts are what, according to Menniti?

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