The big tech trends and how to adjust

Anthony O'Brien


April 23, 2018

Technology-driven disruption is dominating the news cycle, with everything from the latest innovations improving our lives to the fear of artificial intelligence leaving us all unemployed.

Marketing won’t be immune. Here are three prime examples.

AI will drive decision-making

While I don’t think AI will be driving Terminatorstyle Skynet change in our lives anytime soon, it’s already affecting the way we market our products and services.

The technology already exists to help you better understand client trends and buying behaviours. Soon, it will be commonplace, as data becomes one of your most important business assets.

The real benefit of AI is that it allows you to prepare better and plan your marketing activities. More reliable and faster data means you can make decisions with more accuracy. You will then achieve a better ROI on your activities.

I think we’re only at the tip of the AI iceberg and the power it will deliver to our marketing efforts. Also, while I don’t imagine AI will replace marketing managers and consultants in my lifetime, it will make it easier to drive effective marketing programs.

Message customisation will be easier

As the amount of data and information that is available at our fingertips mushrooms, we can apply it to improve the way we market to our clients; for example, many of you have much information about your customers. Working this information into your approach now means you can tailor your campaigns to an individual level.

Moreover, the fact a financial planning firm has ample client information can affect many areas of your marketing, from how prospective clients perceive your website, to the social media content you push to their LinkedIn feeds.

Mobile dominates 

The way people interact with your online assets is rapidly moving towards mobile, particularly with the Gen X and Millennial demographics.

Smartphone and tablet use has overtaken the PC and desktop regarding the way we consume information. It’s far easier to pick up your smartphone and google something than to fire up the laptop.

This proliferation of mobile devices doesn’t merely mean you should focus only on the mobile version of your website – you should have done this years ago. It also requires you to consider how you present your online content to existing clients and leads. Using more video, for instance, will prove a marketing winner with mobile users. Videos are easier to watch than reading a content piece on our iPhones.

Mobile technology is changing the face of marketing, and this trend is set to continue.

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