161108-zenith-awards-baep-3Bennelong Australian Equity Partners. Photo: Matt Fatches

Category: Fund Manager of the Year

Winner: Bennelong Australian Equity Partners

Analyst: Quan Nguyen

Zenith says …
Bennelong Australian Equity Partners (BAEP) was an award nominee and winner in two categories: Australian equities – large caps; and Australian equities – small/mid/micro caps. BAEP funds have continued to perform strongly, topping performance league tables across multiple timeframes. As such, we believe BAEP is a deserved winner of this year’s Fund Manager of the Year Award.

Julian Beaumont
Investment director
Bennelong Australian Equity Partners
Thanks to Zenith, for finding us early, and picking us up as a fund manager with a lot of potential. It’s a credit to our team that we’ve delivered on that potential. It’s taken a lot of effort and I represent that team, the investment team led by Mark East. He’s a really good captain of what is a pretty strong team. We’re really thankful for this award and appreciate the recognition we’ve received from Zenith. I’d also like to thank Bennelong Funds Management, our distribution partner. It’s a tremendous distribution partner. Thank you most importantly to our clients. This one is really for the team.

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