Financial planning foundation Future2 has announced the recipients of five grants totaling $50,000. The initiative is one through which the financial planning profession and those linked to it can make a positive difference to the lives of those in need.

The grant recipients were selected from 42 applications.

Each was endorsed by a local financial planning professional and will receive $10,000.

Every application requires the support – and usually the active involvement – of a financial advice professional who is a member of a professional body, such as the Financial Planning Association (FPA) or the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA).

“Each year the task facing the Grants Committee and, ultimately, the trustees, gets more challenging as the number of applications increases and they demonstrably fulfill our objective to give young people a second chance at a better future”, said Future2 Chair and Grants Committee member Steve Helmich (right).

“The trustees applaud the work of all the applicants and thank those financial planners who supported their applications.

“Our final selection gave consideration both to the potential of the project to touch positively the lives of disadvantaged young people and to the impact that our grant might have on its development and successful execution.”

The recipients are:

BackTrack Youth Works, Armidale, NSW
Project: BackTrack AgLads, an education and employment program
Supported by: Matthew Meehan, AGBIS Pty Ltd

Bridge Builders Ltd Youth Organisation, Lilydale, VIC
Project: Bridging the Gap, a leadership and engagement program
Supported by: David Dyson CFP, Financial Life Balance

Save the Children Australia, East Melbourne, VIC
Project: Transition from Detention at Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre NSW, a program for at-risk youth
Supported by: Anne Graham CFP, McPhail HLG Financial Planning

Southern Youth & Family Services Association, Wollongong, NSW
Project: New Education, Training, Work Opportunities Resource (NETWORK), an engagement program
Supported by: Ray Griffin CFP, Baiocchi Griffin Private Wealth Pty Ltd

Youth Opportunities Association, Somerton Park, SA
Project, Personal Leadership Program, to encourage leadership and engagement
Supported by: Adrian Zoppa CFP, Hood Sweeney Pty Ltd 2