A guide to the Professional Planner November 2012 edition and links to authors and additional content.

04 – from the editor
May the best managers win
Simon Hoyle – simon.hoyle@conexusfinancial.com.au

06 – wrap
A look back at the month that was
Andrew Starke – andrew.starke@conexusfinancial.com.au

08 – planner profile
A simple question
Paul Heanly, Hillross CBD

14 – philanthropy
Impact investing catches on

16 – insurance series
Innovate, or face becoming irrelevant
Click here to download a PDF file of this feature

20 – sharemarket
Helping clients’ money last as long as they do
Ron Bewley – ron.bewley@woodhall.com.au

24 – the profession
Self-managed super goes back to the future
Robert MC Brown – rmcbrown@bigpond.net.au

28 – cover story
Professional Planner | Zenith Fund Awards 2012
Inside Australia’s best funds management businesses

47 – special report
Slaying the retirement income beast
Click here to download a copy of the RA research paper, The glide path illusion

self-managed super
52 – Till death do we borrow
Bryce Figot – bfigot@dbalawyers.com.au
55 – The super debate has got out of hand
Tony Negline – tony@supercentral.com.au

58 – best practice
Prepare today for a sale tomorrow
Ray Henderson – ray@businesshealth.com.au

60 – technical
Tailored strategies for HNW clients
Assyat David – assyat.david@strategysteps.com.au

62 – Andrea Slattery
64 – Mark Rantall
65 – Richard Klipin