Why should planners
shoulder this burden alone?

Simon Hoyle


“How can the planning
community be helped to articulate its value proposition to a population used to
the idea of “free” advice, or conditioned by advertising to believe financial
planning is evil?” –

“The government could
not get a simple plan like roof insulation right and look how mnay people have
now been adversley affected, not only home owners, but also employees and
business owners. Another Labor strategy that will have to be corrected in time
again at how much cost? ” –
Barry Katzenberg

“On the one hand, the
industry fund group (clearly a cartel fund manager) have heaped abuse on
planners and created a public perception that all financial planner are
commission driven leaches (except those who are clients of financial planners
who understand the value of advice), and on the other hand the fund managers
who set up the historical remuneration structure in the first place racing to
be excluded from any close checks as to the level of fund fees.” –

now i will be payed by my clients and my main concern is to do the best for my
clients (been doing this for 25years) and the products i use come from the
product manufacturer ( who gets his product distributed for nothing ) can
someone please explain to me why i need a licenced dealer.” –

“The announcement from the Govt was pretty
much a no brainer. Anyone who is shocked by this was either out of the country
( cruising de nile) in the past block of time, or just not paying attention.
Watch this space, the product providers have done their homework and soon we
will hear all. The Risk Providers have won round one just as they did with FSRA
so many years ago. Can’t wait to see the legislation and the visits from the
creative BDM’s. Bring it on.” –

“Interesting. A good
start in the change process. I await with interest on how to identify an
ungeared product. At what level will the investment be deemed as geared, the
underlining stock, the trust itself, or just the clients money that invests.” –

will come through whatever the changes may be BUT we all should bring some
pressure to bear on the Government Departments that feel they are doing the
right thing with the proposed changes outlined. Even Governments can make poor
choices as we have recently experienced!!” –

“What business are we in? I thought the
Advice Development, Client Management, Implementation and Review Business: NOT
the product distribution business. Isn’t it about time we truly morphed as a
profession? These proposals are the price of trying to maintain the status quo.
Whilst I am not immune from criticism for past practice over 21 years, we need to
articulate the value we provide in terms the clients understand.”-

MySuper – YourView? Is the Cooper reviews MySuper proposal good, bad or a non-event?

Simon Hoyle


“Just what consumers
need – another superannuation product!” –
Barry Crewther

I think Mark Webber put
it pretty well when he described Australia as becoming a “nanny state” –
Gareth Hall

“My Super is just another low cost, low
performance offer that can be used by people that dont care about the
performance of their super” –
William Mills

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