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Why should planners shoulder this burden alone? Simon Hoyle Comments: “How can the planning community be helped to articulate its value proposition to a population used to the idea of “free” advice, or conditioned by advertising to believe financial planning is evil?” – finplan “The government could not get a simple plan like roof insulation […]

Arguing Fee-For-Service Over Commissions

Fees. Commissions. Trails. Percentages. Revenue. Commissions. Splits. Shelf Fees. Dealer Rebates. Commissions. Volume Bonuses. Commissions. Commissions. Commissions. Blah. Blah. Blah. It took about three months in planning to decide that the endless discussion about revenue and payment methods was tireless, counter-productive and damaging to the industry. In the time since, the argument has been ‘settled’ […]