The way advisers implement their investment recommendations has evolved significantly, most notably in terms of how this process is integrated into businesses as well as the sophistication of outcomes for clients. This episode considers movements in investment implementation and where the trend is likely to take the advice industry.
Episode 5 - Matthew Smith

Zen and the art of advice

42 mins.

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Before moving forward, it’s important for advisers and business owners to first step back and consider what they stand for. With so much change in policy and regulation, business models, professional standards and technology in recent years, this episode aims to help advisers detangle their thinking, drawing on practical and philosophical guidance to prepare for the next stage of progress and development.
Episode 4 - Matthew Smith

Taking on technology

23 mins.

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In this digital age, businesses of all sizes will thrive or whiter based on how they incorporate technology. This episode considers where business owners and operators are best placed to spend energy and capital now incorporating technology with an eye to where future models are heading.
Episode 3 - Matthew Smith

Reimagining the value chain

35 mins.

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It takes a village to support advisers in delivering a service and outcomes that meets clients’ needs in a cost effective way. This episode describes the financial advice value chain, how its composition has morphed over the years and where currently advisers, product and service providers fit.
This episode considers the integration between platform and advice business, it pulls back the curtain on recent developments with platform/adviser agreements, and it asks what will be most valuable and what may already be redundant in these essential partnerships with advisers.
Episode 1 - Matthew Smith

Advice in Australia: models in motion

42 mins.

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Where we’ve come from, where we are now and where we’re heading. This episode considers the external and internal impacts that have combined to deliver the local wealth management industry to where it is today and what recent events might tell us about the future direction. The conversation reflects on the Hayne royal commission, looks […]