To accommodate implementation of changes announced for the adviser exam last week, ASIC has announced the date of the first 2024 adviser exam will be 24 March.

ASIC previously slated a 15 February date for the first 2024 exam.

Indicative 2024 exam schedule:

  • Exam Cycle 24: Tuesday, 26 March. Enrolments open on 19 February to 8 March.
  • Exam Cycle 25: Thursday, 16 May. Enrolments open 10 April to 29 April.
  • Exam Cycle 26: Thursday, 8 August. Enrolments open 1 July to 19 July.
  • Exam Cycle 27: Thursday, 7 November. Enrolments open 30 September to 18 October.

The government introduced draft legislation to modify the exam by adding more multiple choice questions and opening up who can sit the exam.

The exam costs $1,500 for each sitting.