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Ethics for Advisers Series 2

Ep6: Self regulation is still a way off

If the success of the Code of Ethics is marked by an industry that can self regulate and hold itself to account then we are a way off, Paul Moran, principal of self-licensed Moran Partners in Melbourne describes alongside UNSW’s Tracy Wilcox. Moran raises the possibility that a transition to this future state could be aided by a two-tiered approach to regulation.

Participants: Paul Moran, Moran Partners Financial Planning and Tracy Wilcox, UNSW Business School

Facilitator: Matthew Smith

Length: 42 mins

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Question 1
* How far off is a version of self regulation where advisers can be awarded safe harbor if they’re able to agree on practical operational guidelines set up by the industry, according to Paul?
Question 2
* According to Tracy, an idea situation from a community perspective between the advice community and the clients’ communities would be:
Question 3
* Paul’s suggestion for a two-tiered approach to regulation could involve:
Question 4
* To be able to effectively self regulate the advice industry needs a representative body with what defining feature, according to Paul:
Question 5
* According to Tracy, sampling could be an appropriate form of regulation when: