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Ethics for Advisers Series 2

Ep4: Community is the advice industry’s superpower

Gordon Young brings his broader ethical lens to the conversation with practice owner and principal adviser Alysia Laird who both agree the early stages of the evolution of the profession has begun, something that’s particularly evident in the sharing of ideas and building of community that’s advanced quickly in recent years and is a hallmark of a thriving profession.

Participants: Gordon Young, Associate, The Ethics Centre and Alysia Laird, Zebra Tailored Wealth

Facilitator: Matthew Smith

Length: 42 mins

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Question 1
* The code alone can only do so much. What are at least two other ingredients Gordon lists as essential to building a profession?
Question 2
* From a practitioner’s perspective, what standard does Alysia believe is the trickiest to apply because it’s openness to interpretation?
Question 3
* If the law is about maintaining a minimum standard, Gordon highlights that ethics is about:
Question 4
* The spirit of the community aspect of advice and the bonding of individuals within the industry is most closely reflected in which Standard according to Alysia?
Question 5
* Input from who will be essential to building a profession, according to Gordon?