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Ethics for Advisers Series 2

Ep1: Intention is frontrunning implementation

Advisers might have full plates, not to mention challenges managing their businesses ongoing during lockdowns and a global pandemic, but they’ve still come a long way getting their heads around the Code and ethical thinking, Griffith University’s Katherine Hunt and Prosperity Financial Services’ Nidal Danoun discuss, while highlighting that the practical implementation of ethics into every day practices might still be lagging.

Participants: Nidal Danoun, Prosperity Financial Services and Katherine Hunt, Griffith University

Facilitator: Matthew Smith

Length: 42 mins

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Question 1
* According to Katherine Hunt, calling each other out and holding each other accountable is a key pillar of a profession. What Code of Ethics Standard does this relate to?
Question 2
* In Nidal’s experience, the hardest part of applying the code for advisers has been:
Question 3
* According to Katherine Hunt, professionals have the ability to:
Question 4
* According to Nidal, when considering Standard 3 it’s important to:
Question 5
* Nidal’s top tips for approaching ethical thinking and ethical decision making:

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