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Ethics for Advisers Series 2

Ep3: Lifting standards is start but not the endgame

Industry stalwart adviser Tony Gilett talks about his passion for financial planning and why he decided to take on the challenge of new education standards and exams after decades of giving advice alongside AFCA’s June Smith who funnels her law background, ethics research and dispute resolution experience into the conversation.

Participants: June Smith, AFCA and Tony Gilett, Retirewell Financial Planning

Facilitator: Matthew Smith

Length: 51 mins

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Question 1
* What are the three sets of values that drive behaviour and allow people to exercise good judgement in the context of a profession, according to June:
Question 2
* According to Tony, a lot of the overbearing compliance advisers are subjected to will start dropping away or be reduced when:
Question 3
* According to June, the number of complaints coming to AFCA regarding financial advisers has:
Question 4
* According to June, poor advice outcomes that come to AFCA tend to relate to:
Question 5
* Two features that underpin good corporate culture, June says, include: