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Ethics for Advisers Series 2

Ep5: Documentation: The bridge to the other side

In this stage of the industry’s progression, documentation will play an important role in advisers’ ethical practices, Jon Scukovic from Park Lane Advice Group in Melbourne and Western Sydney University’s Michelle Cull discuss in a conversation that traverses some of the principles and practicalities of implementing ethical practices.

Participants: Jon Scukovic, Park Lane Advice Group and Michelle Cull, School of Business at Western Sydney University

Facilitator: Matthew Smith

Length: 39 mins

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Question 1
* According to Jon, one of the areas he’s experienced that most often challenges advisers is:
Question 2
* The standard that most closely relates to consideration of alternative strategies for clients is:
Question 3
* Jon finds the best way to continue his ongoing learning and practical application of ethics to:
Question 4
* The best way to learn ethics as it relating to financial advice, according to Michelle, is:
Question 5
* If you feel your bonds with family members impacts the advice you are giving to a primary client, Michelle suggests: