The government’s policy priorities have been disrupted by the COVID-19 virus and subsequent social and economic turmoil. Minister Jane Hume addresses the government’s new near-term priorities and answers questions about policy initiatives for the future.


  • Jane Hume MP, Assistant Minister for Superannuation, financial services and financial technology
  • Moderator: Colin Tate, chief executive, Conexus Financial

Take the QUIZ to earn your CPD points

Question 1
* Senator Hume was previously a senior policy adviser at which industry superannuation fund?
Question 2
* According to the FASEA extension Bill announced by Senator Hume, the adviser exam will need to be completed by which date?
Question 3
* The formation of a Code Monitoring Body is now being pushed out to what date?
Question 4
* Hume is the Assistant Minister for Superannuation, Financial Services and…?
Question 5
* The government’s FASEA extension Bill was stalled because a bill requesting a ban on what was attached?

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