A guide to the Professional Planner December 2012 – January 2013  edition and links to authors and additional content.

04 – from the CEO
Lead, or get out of the way

05 – from the editor
Roll call of those who have served
Simon Hoyle – simon.hoyle@conexusfinancial.com.au

06 – wrap
A run-down of the month that was
Andrew Starke – andrew.starke@conexusfinancial.com.au

08 – planner profile
Just little old me
Christine Hornery, Financial Management Solutions

 14  – cover story
Half time in the main game
Mark Rantall and Matthew Rowe reflect on the FPA’s achievements, and the challenges ahead

22 – insurance series – part III
More risk equals higher value – that’s a fact of life
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self-managed super
26 – SPAA’s theme is revolutionary in its appeal
Peter Burgess – peterburgess@spaa.asn.au
28 Government takes the sting out of pension ruling
Bryce Figot – bfigot@dbalawyers.com.au 

31 – special report
Earning a fair share of income
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36 – hnwi
Dwindling interest could open the door for planners
Private Bank Intelligence Unit (PBIU) – www.pbiu.com.au
CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the PBIU research

37 – big picture
What ‘end of the boom’ really means
Frank Gelber – fgelber@bis.com.au

best practice
38 – Ready, set … deal!
Ray Henderson – ray@businesshealth.com.au
40 – What unites planners and accountants
Martin Mulcare – martin@scat.com.au

41 – sharemarket
It’s OK to be overweight – or even obese
Ron Bewley – ron.bewley@woodhall.com.au

42 – Andrea Slattery
44 – Brad Fox
45 – Mark Rantall

46 – final word
Beware of pale imitations
Dixon Bainbridge – dixon.r.bainbridge@gmail.com