Insignia Financial’s super, pension and investments wrap platform Expand Essential has announced a slew of new menu functions to help advisers better serve their clients.  

The updates include the addition of multi-manager investment options MLC MultiActive High Growth and MLC MultiActive Geared. Both options form part of the MLC MultiActive range of funds, formerly known as IOOF MultiMix. 

The MLC MultiSeries set of funds (formerly IOOF MultiSeries) have also been added to the menu.  

The Expand Essential platform consists of 22 investment options managed by MLC Asset Management, part of the Insignia Financial Group. 

Other recent enhancements made to the platform include: 

  • A workflow tracker displaying the live status of any work items uploaded via the document uploader; 
  • An adviser dashboard summarising important upcoming activities and enhanced on-screen notifications; and 
  • Improved trading capability with real-time tax estimates and new draft order functionality which can be utilised in conjunction with enhanced permissions, providing advisers greater control of their workflow.