While most Australians are taking steps to strengthen their financial situation, many need additional support to achieve their financial goals and get ready for retirement, according to research from MLC. 

The data found that over two thirds of Australians (69 per cent) spend time thinking about having enough money for retirement. 

A similar proportion (70 per cent) have a good understanding of how superannuation can help them reach their financial goals. 

Despite this, almost a third (31 per cent) feel only slightly – or not at all – prepared to navigate any unexpected personal finance challenges they may face.  

Additionally, almost four in five Australians (79 per cent) have a ballpark idea of how much they currently have in their superannuation fund, according to the research. 

More than one in ten people aged 18-42 (13 per cent for 18-27 and 14 per cent for 28-42), and around one in five people aged 43-76 (20 per cent for 43-57 and 16 per cent for 58-76), also make additional personal contributions to their super funds. 

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