The Australian Sustainable Finance Institute has begun work to improve capability across the finance sector and support a stronger pipeline of talent into the industry. 

Capability was identified in 2021 as one of the four pillars of ASFI’s strategy on ‘Leadership for Sustainability in Finance’, and the 2022 Progress Tracker highlighted the strong demand for sustainable finance skills, the shortage of skilled professionals, and the challenges financial institutions across the industry face in recruiting and retaining the staff needed to deliver on their sustainable finance commitments and goals. 

Part of ASFI’s work will be establishing a sustainable finance capability reference group to inform on an accreditation system for sustainable finance courses. Accredited courses are developed to address skills requirements, with accreditation confirming that courses: 

  • Meet quality assurance requirements;
  • Meet an industry need; and 
  • Provide appropriate competency outcomes and a basis for assessment. 

In a media release on Monday, ASFI said it sees value in working with industry training organisations, members, and universities to integrate sustainability into finance industry training and build an understanding of sustainable finance in other industries.