Life insurer TAL has launched the TAL Insurance Academy, a learning and development platform that provides its superannuation fund partners with access to on-demand education and training. 

The initiative was developed in collaboration with TAL’s super fund partners with the aim of using expert training and development to deliver positive member experiences. 

The platform is enabled by a comprehensive learning management system that is fully integrated with TAL’s superannuation fund partner portal GroupHQ. 

Experts deliver the course content, which includes a comprehensive overview of the Australian life insurance landscape and masterclasses on key aspects of insurance in superannuation. It also explores global and local trends, innovation, best practices, and health. 

Modules are combined with interactive and practical learning tools which can be fully embedded within a partner’s new employee onboarding programs and ongoing training. 

TAL’s super fund partners adopted Insurance Academy during its initial rollout, with fund employees completing 3,000 modules.