BT has updated Panorama to improve the user experience for the most frequent users of the platform – advice practices’ support staff.

Based on feedback from advice teams after a pilot last year, BT launched its Service Request Tracker, a feature which can result in significant time savings for advisers and support staff.

In a media release on Wednesday, the platform provider said the tracker was further updated in March, and now allows users to download and submit selected forms. Uptake has increased, reaching 17,000 unique users as of May 2023.

The SRT is available on the BT Panorama desktop, allowing advisers and support staff to check the status of individual client requests.

BT plans to further enhance the reporting features on Panorama, building on the capability introduced in October 2022.

The reporting enhancements will allow advisers to generate the same set of reports for potentially all clients at once. The feature aims to save advisers and their teams time, particularly during a busy period such as at year-end or when annual reviews are conducted.

BT is also focused on enhancing the security features on Panorama, to manage risks related to the increasing cybercrime rate in Australia.

It has also made changes to make it easier for support teams to source information relating to social security. Advisers and their teams can now generate Centrelink schedules online, instead of calling a BT customer relations consultant.

BT’s chatbot Blue can virtually assist advisers and investors with a step-by-step guided journey on generating a new Centrelink schedule, 24/7.

Other platform updates in recent months include:

  • Addition of ESG information to the investments and research section of the mobile app;
  • Access to investment and product disclosure documents and up to three years of documents in the document library on the mobile app;
  • Addition of service request tracker on the mobile app;
  • Enhancements to adviser portfolio tools with managed accounts; and
  • Allowing in specie contributions to super.

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