Life insurer TAL has been named an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency for the ninth consecutive year for its ongoing commitment to workplace equality. 

The citation is awarded to organisations that meet rigorous standards in workplace gender equality, including demonstrating an active commitment to best practices and leadership. 

The Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation recognises TAL’s ongoing commitment to enhancing gender equality through initiatives including: 

  • Commitment to pay equity and eliminating the gender pay gap – undertaking a quarterly pay gap analysis. As at December 2022, this sits at 98.6 per cent gender pay equity;
  • Actively working to achieve our target of 40 per cent men, 40 per cent women, 20 per cent people of any gender in senior leadership roles by 2025 in line with best practice. As of January 2023, 39 per cent of leadership roles are filled by women; 
  • Equal employment policies and workplace inclusion training for everyone at TAL; 
  • Providing flexible working options for all people at TAL; 
  • Maintaining a focus on gender equality through an active gender committee; 
  • Offering domestic violence leave and support for all people at TAL;
  • Parental leave benefits and support for all our people, regardless of gender, including zero tenure requirements to access parental leave, continued paid superannuation for the first 12 months of parental leave, staff group insurance coverage for up to 104 weeks, and guaranteed flexible working options for the first six months after returning to work; and 
  • Continuing our TAL Female Leaders Sponsorship Program, providing participants with tools to build and strengthen relationships with TAL leaders, and support their personal development.