MetLife is lifting medical thresholds for MetLife Protect and MetLife Protect Super to make it easier and faster for people to purchase life insurance.

The life insurer will use “mini-checks” rather than full medical exams for underwriting applications, depending on the type and level of cover, so people are required to undertake only height and weight measurements, blood pressure reading, pulse rate and a urine check.

Other changes include:

  • Higher sum insured limits before mandatory medicals are required:
    • Mandatory medical requirements for Income Protection Cover increased to $15,000 per month across all ages (up from $10,000 per month)
    • No medical required for Life and TPD cover up to $1.5 million for all clients aged 46 and over;
  • Defined medical requirements for higher Life cover amounts ($5 million – $10 million and over $10 million);
  • Simplifying mandatory medical requirements to two age brackets (up to 45 and over 46) for all benefits.