Iress has warned the industry of a scam involving malicious actors impersonating staff members of the adviser software provider.

In an update on Linkedin on Thursday morning and confirmed by Professional Planner, it said the scam involves posting false advertisements on job websites, conducting interviews while posing as a member of the Iress recruitment team and issuing false employment contracts with Iress’ logo.

The scammer captures personal information from the victims, such as passport and identity credentials, then claims the victim needs to purchase IT equipment such as laptops before starting in the role.

Additionally, sometimes they encourage the victim to transfer money for which they are then reimbursed with a fake cheque. Other scams involve issuing fake cheques to purchase equipment which they are then instructed to send away for “servicing”.

Iress specified it does not conduct any interviews or contact candidates using messaging apps and all open positions are listed on the firms career page on its website. Iress would also never ask for potential candidates to exchange or transfer money, provide credit card details or purchase IT equipment for any purpose before starting in a position with the company.