The number of managed account product launches in 2022 doubled compared to the rolling five-year average, according to data from APIR Systems.

Additionally, the number of unlisted financial products registered in the Australian market during the December 2022 quarter continued its ‘robust growth’ trend.

Key highlights from the latest quarter include: 

  • Product registration levels were 13 per cent higher than the five-year rolling average for the same period, at 195; 
  • Registrations of managed investment products in the December 2022 quarter were up almost 15 per cent on the quarterly average over the past five years, at 166;. 
  • Managed accounts product registrations, at 26, were more than double the rolling five-year average; and. 
  • Terminations for the December 2022 quarter were 68 per cent lower than the previous quarter. 

APIR chief executive Donohoe said that the strong product growth in the December 2022 quarter builds on the positive start to the financial year. 

APIR identifies, codes, and manages reference data for unlisted financial products. In its 30 years of operation, it has identified over 30,000 individual financial products.