There has been an increase in grants from testamentary and perpetual charitable trusts and decrease from estates, according to research from Equity Trustees. 

The trustee service that includes specialising as a provider of philanthropic funding released its fifth annual Giving Review, which contains an analysis of philanthropic granting and bequests overseen by the company during FY22.

The review found that funds had decreased for human services, the arts, and animal welfare compared to last year. By contrast, there were increases in funding for faith-based charities, biodiversity, and climate change. 

This year saw a drop against previous years of funding committed to charitable and for purpose organisations of 4 per cent to $92 million, largely because of less granting via individual estates. 

Key findings included: 

  • Some $92.2 million total grants and bequests in FY22, including $78.4 million in charitable trusts and $13.8 million from estate trusts;
  • Increase in grants from testamentary and perpetual charitable trusts (from $75.4 million last year) and decrease from estates ($20.8 million last year);
  • Increase in grants over $100,000 to the for-purpose sector up from 146 to 206 grants; and
  • Largest single discretionary grant was $936,000 in medical research and health.

Equity Trustees said that it would seek ways to encourage increased granting particularly in the under-represented areas of women and girls, First Nations communities and the environment, in the new year.