The adviser market has steadied since the wave of losses after the adviser exam deadline in October, with seven advisers being added to the ASIC Financial Adviser Register this week according to analysis from Wealth Data.

The total number of registered advisers now sits at 15,902.

The licensee owner level has been steady, with six owners gaining a net of two advisers. The list includes Telstra, who has had two advisers return to advice after a short break. MWL Group picked up two from AAN Wealth. Highfield Group had two from NEO Financial Solutions, but this may be temporary because both of them are still showing as being current at NEO.

CHPW Financial is up by two advisors. One of them is from KDM Financial and the other has come from Bell Potter, who is still showing as being current at Bell Potter.

Boston Reed is also up by two, but this seems to be due to some internal movement which caused the numbers to jump around over the last two weeks.

Twenty licensee owners – including Viridian and Steinhardt (Infocus) – are up net one with new provisional advisers. Insignia is up net one, putting on two advisers and losing one. Fortnum is also up by one, hiring an adviser who is returning after a break.

A new licensee has commenced with two advisers who have moved away from Synchron, which is part of WT Financial Group.

Another new licensee has commenced with one adviser.

WT Financial Group are down four, all from Synchron. This is the third week in a row that WT Financial top the losses for the week and are now down 12 for the past three weeks.

Diverger down three, all from Merit Wealth. AMP Group down two, picking up two advisers at Charter but losing four at AMP Financial Planning.

A tail of just 14 licensee owners down one including Centrepoint, Chris Brycki (Stockspot), Sequoia and Perpetual. The lone licensee that closed had only the one adviser.