Mark Brimble

Professional Standards

New research shows financial planning practices turning to graduates for growth

New research has revealed that financial planning graduates will form a nucleus of an emerging financial planning profession, with almost two-thirds of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) financial planning practices saying they will seek graduates to fill growth positions in the coming five years. The Business of Advice research, conducted by Griffith University in collaboration […]

PJC report may cause a ‘shuffling of deck chairs’ among planning associations

Some financial planning industry associations may find themselves excluded from a revised co-regulatory framework alluded to in the Parliamentary Joint Committee report handed down at the end of last year. This would be underpinned by the Financial Planning Education Council (FPEC) and the Professional Standards Council (PSC). The PSC would have to endorse any professional […]
Professional Standards

Industry improving by degrees

It’s human nature that we value most highly those things that are most difficult to obtain. Conversely, things that are easy to come by are valued less. The fact it’s so easy
to achieve RG146 compliance and start working as a financial planner might be one of the very things turning off potential entrants to the […]