(L-R) Maria Nematalla, Andrew Gregory, Matthew Rady, Sandhya Maini, and Scott Bunny

More than 200 university students, graduates, and career-changers registered for Striver’s inaugural Brimstone event in Sydney this week to learn about career opportunities in the financial advice industry.

The speakers – including Insignia Financial chief advice officer Darren Whereat and BT Financial Group CEO Matt Rady – emphasised the need to combat the current shortage of advisers.

Whereat addressed the audience at the beginning of the event, speaking passionately about the exciting prospects and societal impact of a career in financial advising.

“For me, making sure people have their affairs in order, making sure they’re happy, making sure they achieve their goals, is a rewarding thing.”

Whereat shared a personal experience that profoundly impacted him and forever shaped his perspective on the importance of financial planning and preparedness.

“About 10 years ago, despite all my energies and efforts, my best mate did not get his affairs in order,” he said.

“This is where I failed him.”

His friend, a fellow sports enthusiast with whom he had grown up, tragically suffered a heart attack and passed away, leaving behind a tangled web of financial complications for his family.

“[Financial advice is about] helping people understand that having their affairs in order is something that should be paramount.”

He also stressed the demand for financial advisers in today’s complex financial landscape and the transformative role they play in people’s lives.

“Currently, there are 11 million individual Australians that have unadvised needs,” Whereat said.

“There are 2 million people in the system at the moment, getting financial advice.”

He added that there are 100,000 qualified doctors in Australia and only 15,000 advisers.

“This stark contrast underscores the enormous demand for financial guidance and the potential for young professionals to make a real impact.”