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Ethics for Advisers

With which ethical lens?

The moral philosopher who was a central figure in the global animal liberation movement in the 1970s, Dr Peter Singer goes back to the building blocks of ethics before turning his attention to the new FASEA Code. Marisa Broome emphasises the practical challenges practitioners face advising clients without conflict of interest.

Participants: Dr Peter Singer, Marisa Broome

Facilitator: Matthew Smith

Length: 32 mins, 18 seconds

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Question 1
* Because the Standards make up such a large part of the Code of Ethics, Peter Singer argues the code closest to the definition of this ethical framework:
Question 2
* According to Peter Singer, one of the biggest tensions facing advisers navigating the Code of Ethics will be:
Question 3
* Marissa Broome developed a policy to avoid conflicts in instances where clients were divorcing, which involved:
Question 4
* Marissa Broome highlights that best interest duty:
Question 5
* According to Peter Singer, the next step towards making advisers fully professional could be:

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