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Ethics for Advisers

It takes a village

Advisers have been pushed towards professionalism, something Dr Deen Sanders argues will work against the industry; Sanders says we have not yet seen a collective voice representing clients, participants and broader stakeholders. Michael Carmody believes there is still time for advisers to come together.

Participants: Dr Deen Sanders, Michael Carmody

Facilitator: Matthew Smith

Length: 45 mins, 44 seconds

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Question 1
* What is the single biggest implementation challenge the industry faces, according to Deen Sanders?
Question 2
* What is the duty of the Licensee under the law relating to the adherence of its representatives to the Code of Ethics, according to Deen Sanders?
Question 3
* What is the number one thing Michal Carmody believes associations could do to help advisers transition to becoming a profession?
Question 4
* Upon learning a client is potentially misleading Centrelink by “hiding” assets, the only course of action for an adviser who becomes aware of this, according to both Deen Sanders and Michael Carmody, is to:
Question 5
* The Code of Ethics is most effective when it’s used in this way, according to Deen Sanders:

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