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Ethics for Advisers

Above and beyond the law

For the advice industry to graduate to professional status in the eyes of lawmakers, clients and the broader community, it needs to move on from its tick-a-box approach to compliance and take on a higher-level principals approach to considering ethical situations. Richard Jackson points out the broader industry has a responsibility to support advisers to meet their obligations.

Participants: Dr Michelle Cull, Richard Jackson

Facilitator: Matthew Smith

Length: 39 mins, 2 seconds

Take the QUIZ to earn your CPD points

Question 1
* Richard Jackson describes the mind shift the Code of Ethics requires advisers to go through in this way:
Question 2
* In Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory relating to stages of moral development, meeting ethical standards occupies which of the three levels, according to Michelle Cull?
Question 3
* What is the inherent tension Michelle Cull highlights relating to the theoretical definition of ethics and the conception of the FASEA’s Code of Ethics?
Question 4
* What two features have been proven to improve individuals’ ethical reasoning abilities, according to Michelle Cull?
Question 5
* What one thing does Richard Jackson suggests the broader industry could do to help the advisers progress towards professionalism and meet its obligations under the Code of Ethics?

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