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Ethics for Advisers

Is it me, or the system?

Over compliance and an overt focus on following the rules can work against businesses trying to promote an ethical environment. Dr Michael Collins considers the structural and environmental factors that lead to poor ethical outcomes. Jeff Thurecht highlights the need for advisers to be confident in the service they deliver to clients.

Participants: Dr Michael Collins, Jeff Thurecht

Facilitator: Matthew Smith

Length: 45 mins, 44 seconds

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Question 1
* The hardest personality type to manage when it comes to promoting high ethical standards in the workplace, According to Michael Collins:
Question 2
* A working environment with these elements can foster and even promote unethical behaviour in certain people, according to Michael Collins:
Question 3
* Businesses with a heavy compliance focus can risk losing good people who might already be ethical, how can businesses get proactive about their ethics culture and avoid over compliance?
Question 4
* The number one challenge for a lot of advice businesses at the moment, according to Jeff Thurecht, is:
Question 5
* Advisers who feel under pressure to prove they are delivering value for the fees they are charging clients should ensure they do the following, Jeff Thurecht suggests:

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