The 2017 FPA Professionals Congress will focus on helping planners introduce efficiencies into their business and find new ways to engage or re-engage with clients.

Based on feedback from members, the program was developed with the goal to “empower planners to implement change”, FPA head of policy Ben Marshan said.

“A lot of the common feedback we get from members is the burden of compliance is increasing and consumers are getting a little bit more disengaged with the advice process,” he said.  “What we’re focusing on is trying to help [planners] make their businesses efficient and engaging.”

Marshan said the idea is planners can learn real skills they can take home and implement; some immediately and some over the medium to longer term.

The sold-out, three-day event, which kicked off yesterday in Hobart, features influential speakers such as: Mike Walsh; Dr Daniel Susskind; Dr Susan Carland and Waleed Aly; Paul and Dr Tammie Roos; and Paul and Alicia West.

It also includes sessions focused on technical skills, business development, staff and client engagement and motivation.

Marshan will give an FPA policy update on Day 3.

To see the full program, click here.

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