Roll on 10 years of giving for the Future2 Foundation

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November 23, 2017

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Future2 Foundation as the financial planning industry’s charity arm.

Initially set up with administrative support from the Financial Planning Association (FPA) but with the intent of garnering support from across the industry, the foundation officially became the charity arm of the FPA in 2013.

The annual FPA Professionals Congress is an opportunity for the profession to reconnect with its philanthropic roots and to support Future2 as it raises funds for disadvantaged young Australians.

Future2 chair Matthew Brown says in 2017 the central fundraising activity, the Future2 Wheel Classic bike ride, has been well supported. The seven-day ride started in Devonport on November 16 and finished in Hobart on Wednesday, with the riders’ traditional arrival at the opening of the congress. In addition to the distance covered, the 2017 Classic also traversed about 7000 metres vertically, literally adding another dimension to the challenge.

“This is the eighth year of the Wheel Classic…and this year we’ve also had three different types of hikes – the East Coast Challenge, the Alpine Hiking Challenge, and the Extreme Hiking Challenge,” Brown says.

“We thought we’d take in the natural wilderness of beautiful Tasmania, and what better way is there to do it than to wander through that wilderness, the native forests. The hike and the Wheel Classic included some canoeing as well, adding a bit of variety to attract different types of adventurers to participate and raise a bit of money. But it really is taking in what Tasmania has to offer. The weather has been unbelievable.”

Brown says fundraising was initially slightly slow, but “there’s been a real ramp-up in the last week and a half. There’s been some fantastic money raised while the classic and the hikers have been doing their bit,” he says.

Future2 will also take centre-stage on Thursday night at the congress dinner, at the Museum of old and New Art.

Brown says the 10th anniversary is “a fantastic achievement” by everyone who has supported the foundation.

“We’re not going out and doing a massive big theme of 10 years and Future2, we’re just highlighting that we’ve given grants of more than $823,000 to disadvantaged young Australians. This year, we’ve awarded over $133,000 in grants,” he says. “That’s a pretty amazing effort from a small charitable organisation [supported by] financial planners.”

Brown says that in 2017 each state in Australia will receive a Future2 grant.

“It does spread the money raised all throughout various charities throughout Australia,” he says. “That’s fantastic for the members who raise the money, but also for the local charities that they get involved in. That was the biggest theme highlighted to us, that these grant recipients are charities where financial planners are part of their day-to-day activities. It’s pretty special.”

Grant recipients will be highlighted throughout the congress. Brown says there will be opportunities for congress delegate to pitch in and help with Future2’s fundraising program over the next couple of days, including a raffle and other activities at the congress dinner on Thursday.

“Throughout the whole congress, there’s an opportunity to donate, especially at the FPA stand,” Brown says. “And there will be [Future2 representatives] wandering around – plenty of opportunities to donate.”

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