Marketing using eDMs, social media, websites and other online assets is a massive growth channel for plugging your business. But that doesn’t mean TV and radio have no place.

It’s fast, relatively cheap, and enables the use of multiple content formats such as video, written, voice and so on. It’s little wonder that more businesses are using digital marketing. But what does this development mean for old-style channels such as TV and radio?

Digital is less cost prohibitive

Let me stress again that digital is a relatively cheap marketing option. It’s possible to build content such as a video, and distribute it through eDMs, YouTube or other social platforms, and quickly reach a larger audience. The speediness of digital is central to its customer appeal.

Measuring whether digital is effective or not is the challenge. To be fair, measurement is a challenge for a range of marketing activities, whether it’s public relations, television advertising or word-of-mouth. However, leads and sales are the only metrics that matter.

The other challenge with digital is cutting through the noise. As more people interact online – whether it is to get a dose of the latest news, do some shopping, or for the latest social media goings-on, we all face the prospect of content overload. It gets to a point where it’s difficult to cut-through to your target clients. But, if you do your digital marketing well, unquestionably it enables you to do more for less.

TV and radio can still work

It’s hard to say definitively that these mediums are dead – I’ll be watching this year’s Ashes on the box. That said, if you’re considering TV and radio advertising in major metro markets such as Sydney or Melbourne, it will probably be expensive. For regional businesses, it’s less of a challenge, as the TV or radio advertising fees are less prohibitive.

I’d be more inclined to try radio than TV. Radio is a medium that millions tune into when driving to and from work daily. With television, however, it is much simpler to tune out. Moreover, with more people watching streaming services such as Netflix, the television networks have some massive challenges to combat.

Ultimately, if you are looking to use television or radio, then use them as part of a wider campaign, rather than as a separate marketing activity.

Horses for courses

Digital marketing is the most effective way to reach your audience, so it makes sense that it become the backbone of your marketing, particularly for smaller firms. However, don’t make it the solitary focus of your efforts. The marketing channels you select will depend on the client experience you believe will motivate existing clients and lead to purchase from your firm.

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