Justin Gilmour

Twenty years ago, Justin Gilmour was a financial adviser with one of the big four banks, giving what then passed for financial advice to the bank’s customers.

But even then, he knew there was a better way to do it and, wanting to create a practice that focused on a whole-of-wealth approach, in 2003 Gilmour launched his own advice firm.

Integro Private Wealth has just celebrated its 20th anniversary and managing partner Gilmour tells Professional Planner the intent behind setting up the business was to move away from the advice culture of the big banks at the time.

“It was a very transactional based at that time and I recognised that perhaps there was another way, more concentrating on that whole-of-wealth approach to wealth management rather than it being a transactional approach,” Gilmour says.

Today, the Western Australian-based firm employs 30 people, including seven advisers, and serves clients in Perth and regional WA.

With its regional WA reach and clientele, Gilmour says Integro deals a lot with agricultural industry services.

“Our ideal client would be families with intergenerational wealth, a lot of successional planning,” he says.

“We do a lot with [agriculture] so successional planning is a big factor there, how the wealth is going to transfer to the next generation.

“It’s working out whether that’s best for the family for the wealth to stay together, or is it better that it actually is divided up.”

When it comes to growth, Gilmour says that in-line with most advice firms Integro relies on strategic partnerships, primarily with accounting practices.