Sacha Burchgart

After surviving cancer in her 20s and giving birth to her daughter in 2009, Burcheart founder Sacha Burchgart wanted to do something that helped people.

“But I didn’t know what that was,” Burchgart tells Professional Planner.

Burchgart studied her Diploma of Financial Planning in 1996 but initially struggled to pursue an advice career.

“[I] hated it, got out of the industry, thought it was really boring,” she says.

But it was after her bout with cancer and birth of her daughter that she re-considered how being a financial adviser could help people.

“I realised in all my careers to date I was always good at strategy, whether that strategy is about money or timing or any of that. I studied again and found the strategic financial planning part really cool.”

She created her own business in 2014, and this year celebrates its 10th anniversary.

“My business has really been around since 2011 but I didn’t really go out on my own without being licensed under someone else until 2014,” Burchgart says.

“The reason I made the change to going out with myself is because I really got sick of trying to fit clients into the same strategy as everyone else,” she says. “I know it’s easier for scale.”

Burchgart says she also doesn’t like that some people aren’t able to access financial advice, because of the cost and accessibility.