Female financial advisers make up about one third of the global workforce with higher numbers in our region compared with the US and Europe, according to data from the Financial Planning Standards Board.

The FPSB, which is the standards-setting body for the global financial planning profession and representing 223,700 CFPs, puts the global figure at 34 per cent at the end of 2022 with newer data expected in March.

“On a regional level, in Asia the percentage of female CFP professionals is 48 per cent, the Americas 25.5 per cent and Europe 25 per cent,” Sydney-based FPSB chief executive Dante De Gori said.

“When we look specifically at the global population of new CFP professionals who became certified in 2022, the percentage of females was 46 per cent.”

He said this signifies a healthy future of growth in the population of CFP professionals towards gender parity.

“On a global level, a key long-term strategic priority of FPSB is to continue to grow the number of CFP professionals and this includes improving the diversity of CFP professionals to reflect the public they serve,” he said.

However, the degree of focus on gender diversity differed on a territory-by-territory basis, he said.

Only 22 per cent, or 3384, advisers in Australia are women, falling slightly from previous years, according to researcher Wealth Data.

While female provisional advisers were 35 per cent of the total, the numbers weren’t strong enough to move closer to balance once they reach accreditation, said Wealth Data director Colin Williams.